Bespoke hand crafted doll dresses

The dolls are American Girl dolls dressed in bespoke uniforms.
After looking at many, many dolls, we felt that none were as lifelike and lovely as the original American Girl doll. We buy directly from American Girl in the US and import them into the UK.
All the clothing is handmade. We work with a network of wonderful crafts women, who have helped capture the exact detail of the uniforms. Many of them had started making doll clothes for their daughters and granddaughters, and now have home businesses based around their craftwork. It is wonderful to work with them knowing that we are supporting their independent businesses.
Creating the uniforms has been a bit like that first trip to buy a uniform at Peter Jones: overwhelming! The fabrics are all very particular to each school, and the myriad of colour- coded accessories has made each school uniform quite a challenge to recreate. Like buying your child’s uniform, we have matched each item to the real uniform: the tunics, the shirts, in some cases, even the tights have been made specifically to match those worn at each school.
Other clothing and accessories such as the pyjamas and sleeping bags, are also all hand made for Kensington Girl.